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    Osho Rajneesh Book "Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy"

    Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy

    Draupadi: A Rare Woman
    30 September 1970 pm in

    Question 1


    As among men Krishna baffles our understanding, so does Draupadi among women. and how the
    critics look at Draupadi says more about the critics themselves than about Draupadi. What we see
    in others is only a reflection; others only serve as mirrors to us. We see in others only that which we
    want to see; in fact, we see what we are. We do nothing but project ourselves on the world.

    It is difficult to understand Draupadi. But our difficulty does not come from this great woman, it really
    emanates from us. Our ideas and beliefs, our desires and hopes come in our way of understanding

    To love five men together, to play wife to them at the same time is a great and arduous task. This
    needs to be understood rightly. Love does not have much to do with persons; it is a state of mind.
    And love that is confined to a single person is a poor love. Let us go into this question of love in

    We all insist that one’s love should be confined to a single person – a man or a woman. If someone
    loves you, you want that he should love you and you alone, that he not share his love with another
    person. You would like to possess that person, to monopolize him or her. We not only want to
    possess things, we also want to possess men and women. And if we had our way we would possess
    even the sun and the moon and the stars. So we crave to monopolize love. Because we do not know
    what love is, we are prone to think that if it is shared with many it will disperse and dwindle and die.
    But the truth is that the more love is shared, the more it grows. And when we try to restrict it, to
    control it – which is utterly unnatural and arbitrary – it dries up and eventually dies.
    I am reminded of a beautiful story.

    A Buddhist nun had a statue of Buddha made of sandalwood. She loved the statue and always
    kept it with her. Being a nun she traveled from place to place, where she mostly stayed in Buddhist
    temples and monasteries. And wherever she lived she worshipped her own statue of Buddha.

    Once she happened to be a guest at the famous temple of a thousand Buddhas. This temple was
    known for its thousand statues of Buddha; it was filled with statues and statues. The nun, as usual,
    sat for her evening worship, and she burned incense before her statue of Buddha. But with the
    passing breeze the perfume of the incense strayed to other statues of Buddhas which filled that

    The nun was distressed to see that while her own Buddha was deprived of the perfume, others had
    it in plenty. So she devised a funnel through which the smoke would ascend to her statue only. But
    this device, although successful, blackened the face of her Buddha and made it especially ugly. Of
    course the nun was exceedingly miserable, because it was a rare statue of sandalwood, and she
    loved it. She went to the chief priest of the temple and said, ”My statue of Buddha has been ruined.
    What am I to do?”

    The priest said, ”Such an accident, such an ugliness is bound to happen whenever someone tries
    to block the movement of truth and possess it for oneself. Truth by its nature has to be everywhere,
    it cannot be personalized and possessed,”

    Up to now, mankind has thought of love in terms of petty relationship – relationship between two
    persons. We have yet to know love that is a state of mind, and not just relationship. And this is what
    comes in our way of understanding Draupadi

    If I am loving, if love is the state of my being, then it is not possible to confine my love to a single
    person, or even a few persons. When love enters my life and becomes my nature, then I am capable
    of loving any number of people. Then it is not even a question of one or many; then I am loving,
    and my love reaches everywhere. If I am loving to one and unloving to all others, even my love for
    the one will wither away. It is impossible to be loving to one and unloving to the rest. If someone is
    loving just for an hour every day and remains unloving for the rest of the time, his lovelessness will
    eventually smother his small love and turn his life into a wasteland of hate and hostility.

    It is unfortunate that people all around the world are trying to capture love and keep it caged in their
    relationships. But it is not possible to make a captive of love, the moment you try to capture it, it
    ceases to be love. Love is like air; you cannot hold it in your fist. It is possible to have a little air on
    your open palm, but if you try to enclose it in your fist, the air escapes. It is a paradox of life that
    when you try to imprison love, to put it in bondage, love degenerates and dies. And we have all killed
    love in our foolish attempts to possess it. Really we don’t know what love is.

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