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    Osho Rajneesh Book "Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind"

    Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind

    Think Without Mind
    6 January 1978 am in Buddha Hall

    The first question:
    Question 1



    ANAND SALAM, THERE IS NO CONFLICT AT ALL – it is just seeing the same phenomenon
    from two different angles. They are two aspects of the same event; they are together, they are
    simultaneous. There is no contrariness in them: they are complementary.

    When I say you can take full responsibility for yourselves only when you are awakened, I mean that
    you don’t even know who you are – how can you take responsibility for something you are not even
    aware of? You are acquainted only with the tip of the iceberg – how can you take responsibility for
    the unconscious, which is nine times more than the conscious? The conscious, at the most, can
    take responsibility for the conscious. Even that is difficult because it is constantly influenced by the
    unconscious. You are pulled, dragged into things by the unconscious – you don’t know why.

    You fall in love with a man or a woman – how can you take responsibility for it? because falling in love
    is not a conscious decision on your part. It is an unconscious phenomenon. It simply overwhelms
    you; suddenly one day, you find that you are in love. You have not done anything for it, you have not
    prepared for it, you were not planning for it. It comes out of nowhere, out of the blue... and you are
    possessed by it, you are madly possessed by it. How can you take responsibility for your love? Love
    comes from roots about which you are not aware.

    That’s why I say unless you are awakened you will not be able to take total responsibility. Your
    responsibility will be fragmentary, superficial, shallow.

    And the growth movement people are also true: they say we cannot be awakened until we take full
    responsibility for ourselves. Yes, how will you be awakened? You have to start taking responsibility.
    It cannot be total right now – let it be partial. It cannot be absolute right now – let it not be absolute.
    It can only be fragmentary; it cannot be total. No need to worry. Even a fragmentary responsibility
    is far better than irresponsibility. Even to be aware about a small part of your being is far better than
    not to be aware.

    The choice is not between total awareness and partial awareness: the choice before you is between
    partial awareness and NO awareness. Choose partial awareness; that’s what the growth people
    say – they are true. And when you choose to be responsible for a few things, you will become
    a little more alert. When you become a little more alert, you will be able to become a little more
    responsible... and so on and so forth.

    The more responsible you become, the more alert; the more alert you become, the more
    responsible. They will go hand in hand.

    The growth movement is a gradual process of enlightenment. What I am saying is not a process but
    a metanoia, a metamorphosis, a transformation, a sudden transformation. rf you understand me, in
    a single moment, like lightning, you can become enlightened. But if you don’t understand me, then
    you will have to crawl slowly through group methods, meditations, prayers, Yoga, Tantra, Tao... you
    will have to move slowly, slowly. Either you become enlightened instantly, this moment, or you have
    to grow into it slowly, slowly. The growth movement is a movement for growth; growth can only be

    What I am teaching to you is sudden enlighten-ment. It needs NO time; not even a single moment
    is needed. Listen to me! and in this very moment... because what I am saying or what I am trying to
    say is that YOU ARE already enlightened. You need not be enlightened. You have simply forgotten;
    it is a kind of forgetfulness. Not that you have to become – you ARE that. Just a recognition, just
    a turning in, just a deep look inside yourself... and you will start laughing. You have always been
    there! You had never left i n the first place.

    Enlightenment is your nature.

    But there are two types of people and you cannot clo anything about your type. Either like a Hui
    Neng, listening to the four lines of the Diamond Sutra, you become enlightened. Now, you cannot
    ask how to become Hui Neng; that is not possible. Either you are or you are not; there is no more to

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