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    Osho Rajneesh Book "You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet"

    You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

    15 March 1979 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
    [Etyan: strong and stable.]

    Veet Etyan. Veet means going beyond, transcending – transcending the desire to be strong and
    stable. Man has always desired to be strong because he feels weak; the desire simply proves that
    man feels weak. Man is weak, because the part can never be strong; only the whole is strong.
    God is strong. God means the whole. How can the part be strong? The very desire simply proves
    the opposite. Man wants to be stable, and life is a flux; everything is changing, nothing is stable.
    Because we desire stability, we are disappointed, disillusioned, at each step.

    Look at people’s faces: such disappointment. such utter hopelessness. And why is it there? – in the
    first place they asked for the impossible. Nobody is at fault except themselves. Had they looked at
    reality, had they accepted it as it is, there would have been no disappointment, no disillusionment.

    Disillusionment follows only when you create an illusion; then disillusionment is natural, inevitable.
    But you are the creator of it. Everything is moving like a river and everything is fragile, like a rose.
    Only the total is strong and stable.

    And the paradox is: till you leave the desire to be strong and stable you will never be one with the
    total. The desire to be strong and stable keeps you separate, creates a boundary around you, gives
    you an ego, which is false.

    Be fragile and accept the changing flow of life. Know perfectly well that nothing is safe and nothing
    is secure. This is how it is, and nothing is wrong in it; this is the way existence exists. When we start
    accepting it, slowly slowly the ego dies of its own accord. Because its demands are not fulfilled, it
    is not fed; and when there is no ego, one is one with the whole. Then when you are not, there is
    strength, but that is not yours. And when you are not, there is stability, but that is not yours. The
    waves are fragile, the ocean is strong. The waves are changing, the ocean is stable.
    So go beyond the desire of the ego to be separate, to be strong, to be somebody, to be stable, to be
    forever. All those are wrong beginnings and they lead you into more and more disillusionments and
    make your life nothing but a long series of misery.
    Life is bliss if one accepts things as they are. And that’s what sannyas is all about: a tremendous
    acceptance of things as they are, with no desire for something else, for things to be otherwise. In
    that acceptance something starts blooming in your being, a fragrance arises....
    [Satoshi: It means heading home.]

    That’s really what is happening!
    Heading home? Mm! That’s a beautiful name!

    I loved your name! It is really beautiful, and tremendously significant too. That’s what man is: a
    search for the home. Somewhere we have lost paradise. It has to be regained. Deep down in our
    hearts there is a nostalgia, some vague memories of the home, of the true land, to which we belong.
    So everybody is searching in his own way, everybody is a seeker. One may be seeking wrongly, one
    may be seeking in a wrong direction – that’s another matter – but as far as seeking is concerned,
    everybody is seeking.

    Meditation puts your direction towards god. It helps you to move towards the right centre of
    existence. Meditation helps you only to drop that which is wrong. It does not teach you to renounce;
    it simply helps you to see, and once you have seen the false as the false, it drops of its own accord.
    To see the false as the false is the beginning of seeing the truth as truth.
    So this will remain your name: Swami Deva Satoshi. Deva means god – headed towards the home
    called god.

    Deva Soumei. Deva means divine, soumei means intelligence. Intellect is human; intelligence
    is divine. To be an intellectual is just rubbish, but to be intelligent is tremendously beautiful.

    Intellectuality is a false coin, it is a pretender. It deceives because it looks like intelligence. It is just
    the opposite; not only different but opposite. The so-called intellectuals are really very unintelligent
    people because all that they have is borrowed, all that they have is not their own experience. It
    is certainly knowledge but not wisdom. It may have happened to others, it has not happened to
    them; and truth cannot be borrowed, it cannot be purchased, it cannot be sold. It is absolutely
    untransferrable. It cannot even be expressed, so whatsoever one gathers remains just arbitrary
    guesswork. One can gather great information and one can start having great knowledge, but all that
    knowledgability will be only a cover-up of one’s inner ignorance.

    Then what is intelligence? Intelligence is dropping the borrowed and searching for your own
    treasure. Even a small quantity of intelligence is far more meaningful than the whole Himalayas of
    intellect, because intelligence transforms you. It kindles a light in your heart, it makes you luminous.
    It gives you a taste of god, and that taste is transformation. It is only possible to be intelligent through

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