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    Osho Rajneesh Book "The Great Secret"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "The Great Secret"

    The Great Secret


    Each and every word is invaluable. Before Kabir the Upanishads lose their luster. The Vedas
    look pitiful and second-rate before him. Kabir is singular, unique. Although he is illiterate he has
    succeeded in extracting the essence from the experience of his life. He is not a scholar; he has
    expressed this essence very briefly, not at all in great detail. His words are like seed – mantras:


    In the world of love there is no distinction between king and commoner. Where love is concerned
    there is no question of poverty or of nobility. In love, the beggar and the king are on the same level.
    There is only one way to obtain love. The man who wants love GIVES HIS HEAD AND TAKES IT.
    The man who wants love will have to lose himself, will have to sacrifice himself for it. He will have to
    sacrifice his ego, his pretence, his false show, his feeling of ”I”. This is what Kabir means by ”head.”
    He will have to sacrifice his head. Love will not be born in you so long as you are not prepared to
    lose your head.

    Go into this a bit more deeply. There are two dimensions to this giving of the head. One aspect is
    that your ego must fall, must disappear, must go away. Your ego is contained in your head. This is
    why you often admonish others to hold their heads high. And when you have insulted someone, you
    will say how you showed him you were somebody, how you made him bow his head. The head has
    become the symbol of the ego. That is also why you lay your head at the feet of the one to whom
    you have surrendered. Why the head? There are other limbs to the body, but it is because the head
    represents the ego. So you bow down and lay your head at the feet of the person to whom you have
    surrendered yourself completely. And when you become angry with someone you hit him on the
    head with your shoe. The head is synonymous with the ego. This is its domain.

    Kabir says that if you give up the ego it makes no difference whether you are poor or rich, white or
    black; he says that you can fill yourself with love, that you can take as much as you want.
    You cannot purchase love in the market because then there would be a difference between the poor
    man and the rich man, because then the rich man would be able to buy it but the poor man would
    be left out. Love is obtained unconditionally; there is no question of paying any price.

    There is only one condition to be fulfilled. There is only one barrier. The mind, filled with the ego,
    thinking it is everything, feeling it is the center of the world, cannot fall in love. It cannot be in love
    with anyone because the very meaning of love is to make the other the center of one’s life. The
    other becomes so important that he becomes the center and you remain on the periphery. The man
    who is full of love says, ”I will live and die for the other; I will breathe in and out for the other, and if
    necessary I will sacrifice myself – but I will save the other.”

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