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    Osho Rajneesh Book "The Shadow of the Bamboo"

    The Shadow of the Bamboo

    4 April 1979 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Deva Helen. Deva means divine, helen means light – divine light. Light represents the manifest part
    of God; darkness represents the unmanifest part. Both are divine, but darkness is the seed and light
    is the flower; darkness is the womb, light is the child.

    Meditate on light, and the more you meditate on light, the more you will be surprised that something
    inside starts opening, as if a bud is opening and becoming a flower.

    Meditation on light is one of the most ancient meditations. In all the ages, in all the countries, in all
    the religions, it has been emphasized for a particular reason, because the moment you meditate on
    light, something inside you that has remained a bud starts opening its petals. The very meditation
    on light creates the space for its opening.

    So let that be your meditation: whenever you have time, close your eyes, visualize light. Wherever
    you see light, be in tune with it; just don’t go on ignoring it. Be worshipful towards it. It may be a
    sunrise, it may be just a candle in the room, but be prayerful towards it, and you will gain much.
    Great is the benediction if one continues feeling in tune with light.

    Juppy. Anand means bliss, juppy means added by God – bliss, added by God. Bliss always comes
    from God. It cannot be manufactured by us. At the most we can only receive it gracefully; we are
    to be receivers. We cannot grab it; and the more one wants to grab it, the more it eludes. The
    deliberate seeker after bliss is going to fail utterly. Each of his efforts will bring more and more
    frustration. He has taken a wrong step from the very beginning. Bliss has not to be searched for;
    one has to wait for it. One has to be patient – expectant but not aggressive.

    That is the meaning of juppy: God will increase, God will add, God will give. Just prepare the way
    for him, just be a ready receiver. Become a womb, be feminine.

    Prem means love, michael means godlike. It is love that makes a man godlike, and it is only love,
    nothing else can do it. Love is the greatest magic. It transforms the mundane into the sacred; it
    transforms prose into poetry.

    Ordinarily people are living their lives like prisoners, dragging somehow, as if life is a sentence to be
    suffered. Love transforms it and makes it a song to be sung.

    Think of love, feel more and more, meditate on love and bring love to every act that you do. Soon
    you will be delivered with a key that opens all the locks of existence; but that is possible only when
    one has learned the way of love. It is not difficult because it is our very nature. We are born to love
    and to be loved.

    Deva Eric. Deva means divine, eric means one who is always a king, ever a king, one whose very
    nature is kingly. There are people on whom things can be imposed from without. They can be made
    kings, great leaders, heroes, but inside they are just the opposite. That is not their true nature, they
    are just playing a role. They may become very efficient in playing it. Not only will they be able to
    deceive others, they may even be able to deceive themselves, but still the role remains a role; they
    are acting a part.

    Eric means one who is naturally a king; not playing a role, that’s how he is. That’s a beautiful
    word. Everybody is naturally a king because we are born of God – how can we be otherwise? This
    existence has given you immense respect, otherwise you would not have been here. This existence
    has needed you, needs you, hence you are. This is our natural kingship.

    Jesus talks about it again and again: The kingdom of God is within you. He is talking about your
    natural quality of being a king. If you are behaving like a beggar then you must be playing a role,
    must have learned from others; the society must have taught you to be a beggar.
    Sannyas is an effort to undo what the society has done to you so that the natural is revealed again;
    and the revelation of the natural is the greatest joy possible.

    Anand Uli. Anand means blissful, uli means a ruler, a king – a blissful king. You are not yet... but
    you can be! And if you are not, nobody else is responsible except yourself. It is your birthright but
    you have not claimed it; it is your treasure but you have neglected it. It is yours just for the asking.
    Jesus says: Knock and the doors shall be opened, ask and it shall be given. But we don’t even ask
    for that which is ours. In fact we are more interested in things which are not ours. We are interested
    in things which are others’, and we go on asking for those things. That’s how a man goes on rushing
    from this point to that, desiring this and desiring that, never really asking for that which is already
    his. Once you know it, once you have it, you will be fulfilled. You can have all the things the world
    can provide and you will still remain unfulfilled, because that will not help your nature to grow; it
    may even hinder it. The more possessions a man has, the more he becomes possessed by his own
    possessions – burdened, worried. k does not make him really blissful, on the contrary it creates

    A blissful person is one who possesses his own self, one who is a ruler of his own being. That
    dimension, of being a master of oneself, is the dimension of sannyas.

    Anand Isabel. Anand means blissful, isabel means goddess – a blissful goddess. That’s how I see
    you all. You have to learn to see yourself in the same way, and not only yourself but everyone else
    too. It is only on the surface that people are not gods. The deeper we penetrate into them, the more
    godly they are. The devil exists only on the surface. The devil is the circumference and God is the
    center; and we have to look at the center because that is from where we really live.

    To forget the center and to become too obsessed with the circumference is the misery of life. To live
    rooted in the center is the beginning of transformation, because once you become aware of your
    center, your circumference also starts changing – because it becomes luminous. It starts taking on
    the color and the light and the music of the center. It becomes a mirror: it reflects the center. And
    when the center and the circumference are in harmony then one is in the state of rejoicing. Then
    one has arrived home.

    Anand means bliss. In Greek megs means pearl, but it is basically derived from Persian. In Persian

    it means moonlight, born of moonlight. In Persian poetry pearls are thought to be nothing but dew-
    drops born out of moonlight. It is a beautiful name.

    Man can become a pearl, a precious pearl, but that is only a possibility. One can miss it too, and
    ninety-nine point nine percent of people miss it. They remain simply dewdrops; they never become
    pearls because they never become crystallized enough. They never become centered enough, they
    never become alert, aware enough, to pass through the transformation.

    Be aware! A man without awareness is not yet born. He is only just on the verge of being born. If he
    becomes aware, he will be born; if he does not become aware, he will die – and will be born again
    and will remain hanging on the verge again, and so on, so forth. Millions of times you were born,
    but you never crossed the crucial boundary. This time, take the jump.

    Let sannyas become a reality in your life, not just a formality. It is a scientific lab that you are
    entering into; my work is alchemical. If you are courageous enough to go into it, the dewdrop can be
    transformed into a pearl of great price. This is a great opportunity – you can use it; you can miss it.
    If you become conscious and start using whatsoever is available here, if you start using my energy
    that is available here, it is going to happen: you will be born again, you will become a twice-born.
    And then one is really a human being.

    [A sannyasin, leaving, asks: Master, how am I going to build a world?]
    I will, I will – don’t be worried. Simply go there, laughing and loving, and everything will be as you
    want it to be, there will be no trouble. This is my observation of thousands of people: if you trust,
    everything settles. Nothing ever goes wrong, and if something goes wrong that simply shows that
    some doubt was there that created it. On a trusting person the whole existence pours itself in help.
    So just be loving, be trusting, and go joyously, and you will be surprised: the same world is no more
    the same. And then come back – this is your home now!

    Keep it (a box) with you, and whenever you need me just put it on the heart. And help people... you
    have to help many people towards me. Good.

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