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    Osho Rajneesh Book "The Supreme Doctrine"

    The Supreme Doctrine

    Surrender and I Will Transform You

    9 July 1973 pm in Mt Abu Meditation Camp
    The first question:

    Question 1


    There is no role as such. The role is possible only if the master exists as a person. If he exists
    as somebody, then he can play a role. Really, our personality consists of nothing but roles. Your
    personality is the many roles you go on playing and those roles are your faces. In the morning you
    have a different face, a different role to play; in the office you have a different face; back home again
    you change your face. You go on changing the whole day, moment to moment. Whenever you have
    to play a role, you create a face, you become an actor.

    The master is one who has stopped playing roles. He is not playing anything, he is not doing
    anything. Really, he has come to understand that the doer is the total. The individual is in illusion if
    he thinks that he is doing something. The master cannot think that he is helping the disciple or that
    he is endeavoring for his transformation. All this happens of course: the transformation happens,
    the disciple changes, is reborn, but this is not something done on the part of the master.
    The master has become a nobody. He exists not as a presence but as an absence. Within him there
    is no mind, within him there is no ego, within him there is no center. The center has been given back
    to the divine; the ego has been surrendered. He has become a vehicle, he has become a passage
    – just a flute. Now the divine sings through it. Now no song belongs to the master – nothing. How
    can he play a role? How can he endeavor? How can he do something?

    All these words – do, role, endeavor, help – are egocentric. They mean that the master is DOING
    something. No, the master cannot do anything. He is not, but things HAPPEN around him. I am
    not saying that the disciple will not be transformed: he WILL be transformed but he can only be
    transformed through a master who is not doing anything. If the master is doing something, the
    disciple cannot be transformed. The very effort on the part of the master shows that the master is
    not there yet. There is no question of effort.

    The master exists as an absence, as a nobody. And this very fact becomes a tremendous force.
    This very fact, this existence of a void, creates mysterious happenings around it. But the master is
    not doing them. Remember, the river is flowing toward the sea but the river is not really flowing, not
    doing anything. This flow is just nature. It is natural for the river to flow. There is no effort on the
    river’s part. The tree is growing; the tree is not doing anything – there is no effort, no center, no ego
    to do. It is HAPPENING.

    Life is a happening, and a man becomes a master when he has come to realize this. The total
    is doing, and we are unnecessarily bothered and we unnecessarily interfere and we unnecessarily
    bring in our own illusory centers – because no individual can have any center.

    One of the greatest Christian mystics, Meister Eckhart, has said that only God can say ’I’. No
    individual can really say ’I’ because the ’I belongs to the total. My hand cannot say ’I’ because
    the I belongs to me. My leg cannot say ’I’ because the leg belongs to me and the I belongs to me.
    My leg, my hand, my eyes, they cannot assert ’I’ because they are fragments, parts of a great unity.
    In the same way you are not an entity in yourself, you are just part of a great organic whole. You are
    just a fragment, an atomic cell in it. You cannot say ’I’.

    That is why all the religions say that the I is the only barrier because the I is the most fallacious thing
    possible. It cannot belong to you. You do not know why you are born, you do not know who forces
    you into life. No one asked you, no one asked about your choice. You simply find that one day you
    are alive. Then who goes on breathing within you? You do not know.

    Then suddenly one day you are no more. No one asked you. It is not your decision to be born and
    to die. But something happens and goes on happening. Something happens and you are born, and
    something happens... you are no more, you disappear again. How can you say ’I’? No decision of
    yours has been used – NO DECISION! The I can belong only to the divine.

    Then there is a problem and the problem is this: if the master cannot help, if the master cannot do,
    how can the master promise? Now someone is showing me the wall hanging (OSHO INDICATES
    not to teach, but to awaken. Surrender and I will transform you. This is my promise.”

    Then how can I promise you? Then how can I say that I will transform you? Really, this is a trick. I
    am not going to transform you – I am no more there! But if you surrender you will be transformed.
    If you surrender you WILL be transformed – not that I will transform you, the very surrender brings

    you to the point where transformation happens. And when it has happened, then you will know and
    you will laugh because it has been a great joke...!

    I cannot do anything. The very concept of doing is irrelevant: I am no more there. But you will not
    understand that language. You can understand only the language of the I; hence, I have said, ”I will
    transform you.” And it is true that you will be transformed. It is true that once you surrender there
    is no barrier for your transformation: you will be reborn. And I am not doing anything; I cannot do
    anything. Nothing is needed to transform you. You are enough.

    But you have lost confidence and this trick is just to give you your confidence back. You have
    forgotten your own possibility. You have forgotten who exists within you; that tremendous energy is
    hidden within you, you have forgotten. Someone else is needed to tell you. You have the treasure
    and you have forgotten it. I cannot give you the treasure: YOU ARE the treasure! I can simply show
    it to you, just give you an indication.

    When Jesus says, ”I will deliver you, I will liberate you,” or Buddha says, ”I am your path, your way,”
    when Krishna says to Arjuna, ”Surrender to me and I will do everything for you,” these are all tricks
    to help those who have forgotten themselves. But the promise is true because it happens. Not that
    someone helps you – your own energy comes into being, your own energy becomes vital, your own
    sources are tapped, your own being becomes active.

    But you cannot understand the language of no-I. Hence, I have spoken in terms of I: ”I have come
    not to teach but to awaken.” No one has come, no one can come. We have always been here, you
    and I. I cannot come, I cannot go. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to come from. We have
    been in existence, we have existed always. And who am I to teach you or awaken you? But you
    have forgotten your own potentiality, your own possibility and some trick is needed to throw you back
    to yourself.

    And remember, I am not doing this because I have much compassion for you. No, I have nothing of
    the sort. I have no compassion at all for you. You do not need compassion. You are not slaves, you
    are not poor, you are not beggars. You are divine in your own right; you are as divine as any Krishna
    or any Buddha. Nothing is lacking there. Everything is present and you are fast asleep. And when
    I speak or when I teach or when I appear to do something, it is not that I feel compassion for you –
    no! This is just how it happens within me to play this.

    This again is just a play. I enjoy doing it; you need not be grateful toward me. I enjoy it. You need
    not be at all in any debt toward me. I enjoy it, I love it! It is just as if a flower flowers and you pass
    nearby and the flower gives you a gift of its perfume. Just like that something has flowered within me
    and you pass near me and I present you a gift. If you take it I am grateful toward you; if you refuse
    it, you are your own master.

    Really, if this attitude can penetrate deep within you, then there is no master and no disciple. Then
    relationship disappears. It must disappear! Only when there is

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