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    Osho Rajneesh Book "Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing"

    Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing

    5 March 1978 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Anand means bliss, satta means a teacher – a teacher of bliss. It is not that you have to teach bliss,
    but your whole life has to become a teaching. You should live in such a way that even if a stranger
    passes by he can feel your bliss. That is the real teaching of bliss.

    This word ’satta’ comes from Buddha; it is his word. He was telling his disciples to live in such a
    way that their whole life becomes a message of bliss. If somebody looks into your eyes he can read
    all the scriptures. If somebody touches your hand he can feel what bliss is. If somebody simply sits
    by the side of you he will feel overwhelmed by something unknown, untasted before. And if a man
    works consciously, this becomes possible.

    In ordinary situations you can watch people. Somebody comes by and you suddenly feel as if you
    have become sad; his very vibe is saddening. Somebody else comes close by and you feel depleted,
    as if your energy has been sucked. Later on you feel weakened, you need rest, you feel exhausted,
    for no visible reason; the man was a drain. And there are people with whom you suddenly feel
    joyous for no reason at all; they may not have uttered a word. Sometimes just entering in a house –
    you have not seen anybody – you feel joyous; a breeze from the unknown has touched your heart.
    In that house live people who are blissful; that house has soaked up enough of their vibe. The
    same happens in other houses where you will feel sad, frightened; you will feel something horrible,
    something nauseous, is there.

    Become alert about these things and start becoming deliberately blissful. When somebody comes,
    relax for a moment, remember that you have to pulsate in bliss, and pulsate! Just feel blissful, and
    soon the knack comes. It is a knack; it is not an art; it cannot be taught. But if you go on looking,
    one day suddenly you stumble upon it. Suddenly you know: this is the way. Suddenly you know that
    through breathing in a certain way, sitting in a certain way, looking in a certain way, bliss is released.

    Now, it happens to everybody differently, that’s why it cannot be made an art, it cannot be exact.
    The way it happens to you may not happen to somebody else, so there is no way to make an exact
    science of it. Man will always remain beyond science because man is freedom, and science does
    not allow freedom. With freedom there is no possibility of exactitude. With things science will work,
    with machines science will work. They are predictable, they don’t change and they don’t have any
    individuality. You boil water in India and at one hundred degrees it evaporates; so it does in Tibet,
    the Tibetan water has no separate existence. So it happens in Japan, so it happens everywhere.
    The water has a kind of universality, but not individuality. Man is individual, individuality is his very
    core. That is his beauty, his grandeur; and it is because of freedom.

    So I cannot say exactly how you will be able to do it, but I can say this much, that if you consciously
    watch soon you will stumble upon the key. It is within you, you just have to grope for it. And once you
    have found the key, try to be blissful as much as you can; the more blissful you become, the more
    will be coming to you.

    Jesus has said, ’If you have, more shall be given to you. If you don’t have, even that which you have
    will be taken away.’ It is an absurd statement but is of tremendous significance. I consider it one of
    the most profound statements ever made by any man in the world: If you have, more will be given
    to you....

    So just start creating a little energy of bliss – that will make you a teacher of bliss.

    Prem means love, Minakshi is the name of a goddess:... goddess of love. Literally, minakshi means
    fish-eyed. In India, eyes have always been thought beautiful if they look like a fish’s eyes – wide,
    open, of the same shape as the fish’s Literally minakshi means fish-eyed, because that goddess
    has beautiful eyes.

    Certainly, love creates those kind of eyes. Whenever a person is in love his eyes are the first things
    to be transformed; then everything else follows. But the first change happens in the eyes, in the
    quality of the eyes, because eyes are the doors of the heart. Anything that enters your being, enters
    through your eyes, and when love enters through your eyes it transforms their quality. They are no
    more ordinary, they become transparent. They are no more part of earth, they start reflecting the
    sky. They are no more opaque: they have depth now, infinite depth, and you can see to the very
    bottom. The whole body becomes beautiful through love but the first impact is on the eyes.

    So become such a great lover that your eyes, your vision, is changed through it, that you start looking
    at life in a totally different way. Only when one learns how to look at life with eyes full of love does
    one find god, never otherwise. God has to be discovered only through love, otherwise, one can go
    on thinking, praying, doing rituals, and all is futile, in vain.

    [A sannyasin couple are present. The man says: we have been here for fifteen months, and still I
    feel I am not opening to you, and hence the question to leave arises. But at the same time I feel
    very attached to this place... ]

    You will be benefited if you go once.

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