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    Osho Rajneesh Book "This Is It"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "This Is It"

    This Is It

    10 May 1977 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Deva means divine, garima means glory – divine glory. One thing is very important for you to
    understand, and it is that when a person is young a few things are easy, a few things are difficult.
    For example, religion is difficult. It is easier to be in desires, it is difficult to leave them. But when a
    person is old it is very easy to drop desires and very difficult to continue desires.

    Life itself prepares you to come closer to god. Old age has one thing tremendously beautiful about
    it that desires can be left easily: even if you don’t leave them, they leave you. When they leave
    you it is ugly – you feel cheated – but when you leave them, there is a glory and great beauty in it.

    Meditation is very very simple in old age. The whole life’s experience has proved that it was nothing
    but a dream. One can easily get out of it – this life that has now become almost a dream. And you
    are ready for it!

    Deva means divine, samveda means sensitivity – divine sensitivity. And sensitivity is the path –
    insensitivity is the obstacle. If we are insensitive, then there is no way; we are closed. There is no
    passage from our innermost core to existence; we are windowless. We are in a capsule... and each
    human being is living in a capsule.

    The capsule is very subtle and transparent, so you don’t feel it, you don’t see it, but a little awareness
    and it becomes apparent that it is surrounding you everywhere. It is just as if your hands are
    in a glove and you shake hands: something goes on covering your sensitivity. You are covered
    completely with clothes and going out into the sun; the sunrays cannot penetrate your skin.
    You have an umbrella and it protects you from rain, but it also obstructs the rain from reaching you.
    Sometimes it is good to throw the umbrella and just go into the rains and to feel it. Naked on a
    beach, naked in a forest, just allow the air and the sun and the rain to touch you!

    The more sensitive you become to things, the more aware you will become that god is present
    everywhere. In the same proportion of sensitivity that you have, you will feel god present. The less
    sensitivity you have, the less you will feel god; if you have no sensitivity, you will not feel god at all.
    If god is dead in this century, it is not because god is dead but because man’s sensitivity is dead.

    We cannot touch, we cannot taste, we cannot smell; something is covering our being.

    So uncover your being – that is the message in the name – and by uncovering your being you will
    be able to discover yourself.

    [A sannyasin who is leaving says her feelings about sannyas and Osho are precarious. She
    knows she must take responsibility for what happens to herself but doesn’t know what to do in
    her confusion.... ]

    In the beginning there is always confusion, but all these things that are troubling you right now will
    prove great stepping stones. It is almost like digging a well. When you start digging the hole you
    don’t get the water immediately: first you get stones, dry earth, rubbish, then by and by purer earth,
    then wet earth, then muddy water, and then finally you get pure water.
    The process of digging into oneself is exactly the same. In the beginning you get only rubbish,
    because that is your first layer – anger, jealousy, hatred, sadness; that junk is there. When you start
    digging in, that is the thing you have to encounter first. So don’t be worried about it: it is just a part
    of the process.

    If you go still a little deeper, better things will start coming. After anger has been finished,
    compassion arises – it is just there underneath anger: each angry person is potentially a
    compassionate person.

    First you go and you find greed. If you go on digging, if the greed does not inhabit you then soon
    you will find sharing arising out of it. Behind greed there is the quality of sharing .... And it is so
    with everything! Just behind your jealousy, possessiveness, is the quality of love. One has to go on
    digging continuously.

    Yes, certainly in the beginning there is confusion, mm? because so much is stirred up. Next time
    you are here things will start settling, but meanwhile continue to meditate so that whatsoever has
    started is not undone by you again, otherwise you will have to start from abc again.
    So even if sometimes you feel it is troublesome... It is! – it is not comfortable and you will never be
    so so comfortable as you used to be unless you pass through it; then for the first time you will be
    really comfortable and at ease with yourself.

    Before this confusion started and this inconvenience, your ease and comfort were just imposed
    ideas. You were sitting on a volcano and thinking everything was fine – but the volcano can erupt
    any moment. Now you have become aware of the volcano – you know it is underneath so you
    cannot sit so comfortably. But this is a better situation than the first, because in the first situation you
    were completely unaware of the volcano: you were sitting on top of it and enjoying. Now you cannot
    enjoy because you know the volcano is there and something has to be done, otherwise any day it
    will erupt and it will be too late then. You have to move away from it, you have to find another spot
    for your being, some other way of being, some other style of living. That’s what this confusion is all
    about. This confusion is saying to you that your style of life up to now has not been right.

    And that too is natural – that you throw the whole responsibility on me. That is natural, mm? I expect
    it – there is nothing wrong with it. That’s my whole purpose here: you can throw all responsibility
    on me. Nothing to be worried about. That too is part of our mind: we never want to take the
    responsibility. If you are feeling angry, if you are feeling confused, you will say ’Somebody has done
    it. Now it is Osho – he has done it!’ But this is your past: you have always been throwing the
    responsibility on somebody – mother, father, society, friend, enemy... but somebody!

    A man becomes religious the day he starts taking the whole responsibility on himself. That day
    – when a man says ’Now I am responsible; whatsoever happens to me, I am responsible’ – he
    becomes mature too.

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