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    Osho Rajneesh Book "The Zero Experience"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "The Zero Experience"

    The Zero Experience

    14 March 1977 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Anand means bliss, blissful, and shailendra means god of the mountains. God of the mountains
    of bliss; this will be the whole meaning. And bliss is a mountain because it is a peak, it is a peak
    experience. Ordinarily we live in the valleys... the valleys are dark and dismal: we live on the lowest
    rung of our consciousness. Bliss happens only when we start rising upwards, when the energy
    moves upwards and reaches to the highest climax. That is the peak, the mountain. One has to
    become the god of that peak, only then is there fulfillment.

    In the East we have divided the whole map of consciousness into seven layers, seven planes. The
    first plane, the lowest, is of sex; that is the valley where we live, dark and dismal. And the highest is
    sahasrar – when the energy moves and becomes absolutely non-sexual.

    On one extreme it is sexual, on another extreme it is non-sexual, and just in the middle of these both
    it becomes love and the heart is just in the middle of these two. So these are the main chakras: the
    sex chakra, the heart chakra and the sahasrar, the ultimate.

    Sahasrar means a one-thousand petalled lotus – when your consciousness moves upwards and
    comes to the head at the very peak, beyond which there is nothing... when something almost like a
    blossoming happens within you. In that moment you have become a god of the mountains.
    The Himalayas have always been symbolic, symbolic of the inner Himalayas. Mythology has it that
    the god of the Himalayas lives on the highest peak, Kailash, but that is just a representation of the
    inner into the outer, a projection: the real peak is inside you.

    So the movement is through sex towards love and then beyond sex and beyond love. When the
    energy becomes pure one is not in any need of the other. When there is no desire for the other,
    when one is enough unto oneself, then one has become the mountain – self-sufficient, self-rooted,

    [The new sannyasin says: I’m a doctor and I would like to be a therapist.]

    Just wait... do a few groups, mm? and then I will watch you. And after three, four groups ask me,
    then I will see how your energy is flowing.

    Therapy is not so much a question of expertise, it is more a question of how your energy is flowing.
    Even not knowing much a person can be a great therapist if his energy is therapeutic, if he can
    shower energy and share energy, can be loving, can have compassion for any and all. Then therapy
    is possible, because therapy is a function of love: if you can love, therapy happens.
    Expertise is secondary. It is good if you know, you can use that knowledge in the service of love, but
    just knowledge is not of much use.

    There are born therapists just as there are born poets. And it is very important for man to seek that
    for which he is born, then there is fulfillment. If you are not a born therapist you can become a good
    therapist but you will never become a great therapist.

    Just a few days ago I was talking about good horses and great horses (in the lectures on Lieh Tzu).
    You can become a good horse, but the real thing is to become a great horse. And you can become
    the great horse only if you are already. There is no way to become: a great horse is born; it is a
    question of being. And everybody has something great in him, god never sends a single person
    without some intrinsic greatness. The only question is to find it, to find where it is.

    If you are not a great mathematician no need to worry; you may be a great poet. If you are not a
    great poet no need to worry; you may be a great therapist, and so on, so forth – but somewhere
    every being brings some greatness into the world.

    So the most fundamental question is to find where it is. If you don’t find it you can move in a thousand
    and one wrong directions, because there is only one right direction and millions of wrong directions.
    Hence so many people miss, because wrong doors are many and the right door is only one.
    It is very very difficult to find the right door. Once you have found it things start flowing... things
    simply start happening.

    Just the other day I was reading.... A young man asked Ezra Pound how to write great poetry. Ezra
    Pound said, ’It it’s very easy! You need a copy and a fountain pen.’

    The man became a little uneasy because what nonsense was he talking? – ’To write poetry you
    need just a copy and a fountain pen and a chair to sit comfortably in, and then start!’ The young
    man said, ’I have tried many times but it never starts.’

    Ezra pound said, ’Then it is impossible to help you because these things are needed! If poetry is
    there inside you, you take the fountain pen in the hand, start writing, and it occurs! If it doesn’t occur
    nothing can be done, but that occurence is not in any way in your hands.’

    So wait, just enjoy a few groups, allow your energy to flow. Maybe you have some potentiality, we
    will see! But don’t impose any direction on your life. Just first grope in the dark and feel, have the
    feel, and once you have the feel things become so easy.
    Yes, Ezra Pound is right: nothing much is needed if you are a poet... then that’s enough. If you are
    not a poet then nothing is enough!
    Just wait, mm? Good!

    [A sannyasin says: I can’t make love properly: I have a premature ejaculation.]

    It will change... nothing to be worried about. Do these groups and then book for tantra, mm?
    Premature ejaculation is really not a sexual problem at all; it is more a psychological problem.
    Physiologically there is nothing wrong but psychologically you are in a hurry; that very hurry creates
    premature ejaculation.

    In the West almost seventy percent of men suffer from it. It is not a small problem, seventy percent is
    a great majority. In fact there are a few people who have started thinking that premature ejaculation
    is normal because seventy percent... it must be normal. In fact those thirty percent of people must
    be having something wrong; the normal means the average.

    And these seventy percent will become eighty percent, ninety percent soon; their number is growing.
    Never before in the history of man has premature ejaculation been such a problem as it has become
    in the West – and particularly more so in America. Because for the first time a civilisation is in a
    hurry, for the first time a civilisation is too time-conscious. In the East people have never suffered
    from premature ejaculation because things move so slowly and nobody is in a hurry. There is enough
    time, more than enough; eternity is available.

    The eastern concept that after you die you will be born again and again and again, gives a very long
    time, great duration. The western idea that there is only one life makes you very feverish. Just one
    life? – so you have to make everything out of it immediately, otherwise it will be gone! So everything
    has to be fast, quick.

    That mind brings this problem, so that mind is working there and making everything quick. It goes
    on giving directions from deep within: to do it quickly, be fast, finish soon. There is this constant
    hankering for things to be instantaneous. It makes it appear as if the only thing in life is how to do
    a thing with great speed. But all great things need slowness, patience, otherwise you miss. They
    need time so that you can get saturated.

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