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    Osho Rajneesh Book "Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot"

    Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot

    9 December 1978 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Veeto means transcendence; and that’s the secret of all meditation. It is the very foundation of all
    religion. That which we know as the world is only the periphery; the centre is hidden. The centre is
    transcendental. It cannot be seen by the eyes, it cannot be heard by the ears, it cannot be touched
    by the hands, yet it is, yet it can be experienced.

    The way you experience it is not through the senses; hence it is called the transcendental. We seek
    the world through the eyes, through the ears, but god comes to us not through the eyes, not through
    the ears. In fact he does not come from anywhere: he arises in our being. He is felt there at the very

    God is like the silence in the heart of a rose flower: it is already there. Even when the flower is
    closed, is a bud, it is there. It does not come from anywhere; it is your nature. Hence senses cannot
    help. That’s why the mind is impotent to know god, because the mind is nothing but the super-sense.

    The mind is nothing but the accumulated experiences of all the senses. Each of your senses goes
    on pouring its information into the mind. The mind is a coordinator. it cannot know anything that is
    beyond senses, hence the mind has to become silent, utterly silent. It has to cease to be, then the
    transcendental is felt, experienced, realised. It is not an object: it is your very being.

    Sampurno means absolute perfection. It is not a goal. If it is a goal it creates neurosis. I am not
    saying to you to become a perfectionist. All perfectionists are bound to go neurotic because they
    are trying to do something which cannot be done.

    Giving you the name ’absolute perfection’ means you are already perfect. It is not a goal to be
    achieved, it is a reality to be recognised; it is already the case, because all is god, all is perfect. All
    is perfect as it is, no improvement is needed at all; all programmes of improving man are dangerous.

    They have been a kind of paralysing, crippling, poisoning. They have created great ideals to improve
    man, and all those ideals have done only one thing: they have created hypocrites.

    I don’t give you any ideal; all ideals are nonsense. I want you to become aware of reality as it is: all
    is good, beautiful, perfect. To live in this feeling is to be religious. To live with this feeling is to be
    prayerful. When all is perfect, gratitude is natural. And when you know you are perfect you know
    that everything else is perfect too. Then there is no question of feeling superior, inferior. The person
    who feels inferior suffers; the person who feels superior suffers. Only the person who does not feel
    any inferiority, any superiority, does not suffer. He enjoys the bliss of existence.

    Navino means the absolutely new. Existence is new every moment. Only man’s mind becomes old
    because it accumulates memories and those accumulated memories in the mind create a burden,
    heaviness. One should live like a mirror: one should never accumulate any dust.

    So think of each day as new and forget the past, never remember the days that have gone. And if
    you can do it from right now, you will have a totally different life. You will have a life of benediction
    and beauty. People are missing because they have been taught to accumulate the past. Forget the
    day that is gone; it is no more. Live in the moment and don’t think of the future either. If one can live
    here and now, god becomes available. And children can live in the here and now more easily than
    grown-up people. The so-called grown-up people are already poisoned.

    So this is my message to you: don’t lose your innocence, your childhood, ever. Always remain like a
    child: fresh, young, fresh like dewdrops, fresh like the morning sun, fresh like the stars. This is what
    I call religion. Religion has nothing to do with the church and the Bible. It is a way of living life so
    lovingly, so consciously, that each moment becomes joyful.
    So sing, dance, celebrate!

    Prem means love, dhyano means meditation love meditation. Love without meditation is blind, love
    without meditation is a dark night. One gropes, one stumbles; one hurts oneself, one hurts others.

    It is natural in darkness, it is natural in blindness. And because love is blind without meditation it is
    frustrating too. Because it is blind it cannot soar very high: it remains crawling and creeping on the
    earth. It is afraid to soar high. A blind man cannot go climbing the mountains; he is even afraid to
    walk on plain ground. To go to the mountains, to climb the peaks, is going to be suicidal.

    Meditation without love is lame, dull, cold. Meditation without love creates the ugly phenomenon of
    the monk and the nun. They are ugly because they don’t live at all. They are ugly because their
    lives are loveless. They are ugly because love is the only phenomenon that gives you beauty and

    Love without meditation is full of juice but blind. Meditation without love has eyes but has no juice; it
    is dry, it is a wasteland. Love without meditation is hot, passionate, but it knows nothing of silence.

    Hence it is a kind of turmoil, a feverish state of consciousness. It is a restless state. Meditation
    without love is silent, but the silence is that of the cemetery, the silence of death, not the silence of
    life, because the silence of life is a song. Meditation without love is empty silence. It is not full, it is
    not overflowing.

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