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    Osho Rajneesh Book "Won’t You Join the Dance?"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "Won’t You Join the Dance?"

    Won’t You Join the Dance?

    12 February 1979 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Deva means divine, anupam means uniqueness. It is a paradox – but existence itself is a paradox –
    that each individual is both universal and unique. It is very illogical, because if we are all one, then
    how can we all be unique? – we will be similar. But that is not the case. We are all one and yet each
    individual is unique. It is a paradox, it is illogical, but this is how it is. And existence has no obligation
    to follow our logic, it need not bend to our logical patterns. If anything has to change, it is our logic
    that has to change.

    That’s what happened in modern physics when for the first time they discovered electrons. A great
    problem arose, the greatest that science has ever faced: what to call it? – because it was behaving
    very illogically. It was behaving as a wave and also as a particle, simultaneously, which is absolutely
    absurd. It is not logically possible – either something is a particle or it is a wave; one thing cannot
    be both together and simultaneously. One thing may be both at different times, that’s possible, but
    behaving in both ways at exactly the same moment destroys our whole geometry, mathematics,
    logic. But the physicists had to concede the electron. They had to shrug their shoulders but they
    had to accept the reality: it was so. And for the first time science came across a real paradox.

    Mysticism has always faced it. It started accepting it very early in the growth of human
    consciousness. For at least five thousand years, man has accepted paradox in the world of
    mysticism. That’s why we call it mysticism – because it is illogical. But for the first time science
    is becoming mystical. Anything becomes mystical whenever a paradox arises for which we cannot
    manage any logical explanation and which we have to accept as it is.

    This is one of the greatest paradoxes, that each individual is universal, and yet individual. Each
    wave is part of the same ocean, yet each wave is unique; no other wave is like it, although all waves
    belong to the same ocean.

    Prem means love. Richard is Teutonic, it means rule or powerful ruler. Your full name will mean:
    love, the rule, the discipline. Love, if it becomes the discipline of your life, is the greatest transforming
    force. If it rules your life, then it becomes a totally different life. Love brings rebellion, revolution.
    Love brings insight into what reality is. Love brings light, clarity, things start becoming more and
    more transparent. Love bridges you with people and with existence; you are no more alone, all
    loneliness disappears.

    The world is not strange, it is your home – and one can relax only if existence becomes one’s home.
    If we remain outsiders we cannot relax. Outsiders are bound to remain tense, because they are in
    an alien country, in a foreign land.

    Modern man is feeling it very deeply, that he is an outsider, and the reason is that love has
    disappeared from the world. Nothing else has changed, everything else is the same – the same
    trees and the same moon and the same sun and the same people. Only one thing has disappeared:
    love is no more there. Logic has taken possession of man; logic rules man, logic has become his
    discipline. That’s why man is feeling so alien, uprooted, a stranger, an outsider. And when you live
    in the world as if you are an outsider, your whole life will be of great anxiety, tension, fear, paranoia.
    It is bound to be so, unless love becomes your rule, your very life. Then suddenly a transformation,
    a metamorphosis, happens. Everything is the same and yet it is no more the same; you are bridged.
    It is your home. You have new eyes to see life and existence.

    To be initiated into sannyas is to be initiated into love. Sannyas is a step out of logic, into love.

    Prem means love, divo means a small lamp – a small lamp of love. But that is enough to make one’s
    whole life full of light! And the moment there is light we are no more groping we are on solid ground.
    We know who we are, we know from where we have come, we know to where we are going, and
    suddenly life starts having significance and meaning.

    Without love, man lives in darkness. He stumbles gropes, falls, goes astray and is continuously
    trembling in fear, because he is not aware of who he is, of why he is.

    Even the most fundamental question ’Who am I ?’ remains unanswered. And if that fundamental
    question remains unanswered, everything else also remains unanswered. One is always indecisive,
    continuously thinking whether to do this or to do that. And whatsoever you do, you will repent,
    because whatsoever you choose out of darkness is going to be wrong; no choice can be right.

    This is the miracle of light: you need not choose, you simply see where the way is. Without any
    choice you move in the direction of the right, because the light is there. And nothing else can bring
    the light except love.

    Let your life revolve around the centre of love. Focus on it, pour more and more energy into it, and
    one day suddenly, the flame is lit. That is the moment of great rejoicing.
    Prem means love. Pilar is Latin; it means to drift, just like driftwood, with no idea of any direction,
    like a cloud drifts without any will of its own, just wherever the winds take it. It is a state of let-go,
    utter let-go.

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