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    Osho Rajneesh Book "What is Rebellion?"

    Osho Rajneesh Book "What is Rebellion?"


    31 March 1970 pm in Jabalpur University, Jabalpur, India

    Civilization has evolved a huge super-structure in which the role of an individual has been reduced to
    that of mere hypocrisy. Take the instance of any husband: he goes on telling his wife day in and day
    out that he loves her intensely while he knows quite well in his heart of hearts why he is eulogizing
    her. Then there is the wife – with whom we are quite familiar – who continuously mutters in the ears
    of her husband, ”O darling, I cannot think of living without you even for a moment;” whereas actually
    she may find it intolerable to stay with him even for a moment. The father tells his son that he is
    educating him because of his intense love for him.

            Actually, if analyzed, it will turn out that he is doing so because he himself could not get proper
    education, and his injured ego has become like an oozing boil. He now wants to compensate this
    lack in himself by providing the best type of education for his son in order to placate his own ego. He
    is firing over the shoulders of his son in order to get self-satisfaction, though outwardly he harps on
    the fact that he is educating his son because of his love for him. Because the father himself could
    not become a minister, he wants his son to ascend the high rostrum, though his refrain is the same:
    that as he loves his son intensely he ”......”

            But, unfortunately, he does not know that to get his son placed as a minister means nothing short of
    hurling him into the fires of Hell. If a father really loves his son, he would not like it in the least, that
    his son should take to politics. But mysterious are the ways in which love manifests itself. All the
    fathers are telling their sons that they love them, all the mothers are repeating the same thing, all
    husbands and all wives are saying so to each other. Millions of people all over the world are telling
    to one another that they feel love, and still after every ten years a war erupts which results in the
    killing of fifty or a hundred million people. And each new day sees the continuation of war – whether
    it be in Vietnam, Korea or Kashmir.

            All humanity is loving but no explosion of love is seen taking place anywhere. The irony is that all
    humanity is said to be experiencing love, yet wheat we see is only explosion of hatred and not of
    love. The hippie holds that there is certainly some deception in our love. Actually we are practising
    hatred while labelling it as love. Now I tell a woman that I love her very intensely, but if the same
    woman just casts a look upon a neighbour, then all love takes leave of me and I hasten to pull out
    my sword.

            How fragile is this love! If I really love that woman I cannot become jealous. There is no room for
    jealousy where true love exists. But we are so conditioned that we exult in keeping a watch over
    those whom we profess to love, and we somehow postulate a basis for jealousy. We pine ourselves
    away and cause others to suffer the same mental agony. The hippie says that this world has had
    enough of this hypocrisy, and he now wants to be as he is. If he has love in his heart he says so, and
    the day it stands exhausted, he openly declares that it has dried up; there is no need of indulging in
    flowery talk; and he departs. But the old conception about love asserts that once love is born, it is
    thereafter everlasting. The hippie says that it might be so. If it does finally turn out to be so, then he
    will admit that love is eternal and everlasting. If his experience proves otherwise, he will not hesitate
    to say that it is fleeting and momentary.

            A net, so to speak, has been cast by civilization and it has closed upon us in such a manner that
    man feels suffocated to death. The hippie refuses to be so victimized. The second principle of the
    hippies is ”natural living” – to be as one is.

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